Join the Antelope Club!

So why should you join? The real question, is why NOT? The Antelope Club is a fun, friendly spot downtown for you and your friends to hang out. Before long, you'll be on a first-name basis with our awesome staff and lots of new "Loper" friends. Lopers are a remarkably diverse collection of folks - you'll find just about every possible demographic represented here. You are equally likely to rub elbows with an elected official or a media personality as a carpenter or an office worker. If you are a professional looking to build your contacts, the networking here is through the roof! 

The upshot of this beautiful mix of people coming together is great conversation, gathering to sip cocktails on the upper balcony, playing some cards in the dining room, singing along to the jukebox, smoking indoors and of course, watching SPORTS!  The Club also hosts special events frequently - check out the schedule to see what's happening! If you still aren't sure if the Antelope Club is the place for you, stop by for lunch, when the Club is always open to the public. After lunch, take a spin around the place, chat with a few members and get a feel for the vibe. If you have questions, be sure to connect with Brad, our General Manager and Chief Antelope Herder. 

Other Club Perks:
  • Lunch & Dinner served 6 days a week (plus Sundays, when the Colts play)
  • Brunch served on Saturdays
  • Full service bar, with frequent tasting parties
  • $2 Coors Banquet Pints every day
  • $2 Mystery Craft Pint Thursdays
  • We're a beer lover's paradise! Check out the deep list of unique, easy-to-drink beers we serve from around the Midwest and beyond.
  • Free Wi-Fi and quiet places to hide, if you need an escape from work
  • Smoking IS permitted in the Club. A fine selection of cigars are also available in our lounge humidor.
Ready to join? Download the membership application (PDF) then mail or drop off the completed form with your first-year dues payment ($150 annually). You will need two current Antelope Club members to sponsor you; if you don't know any members, visit the club and we'll make some introductions.  New member applications are reviewed and approved by the Antelope Club Board of Directors, which meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.

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