Spring Ahead - Set Your Clocks One Hour Forward!

  • 13 Mar 2016
  • 3:00 AM
  • Central Indiana

This is a reminder that you'll need to change your clocks this weekend as Daylight Saving Time begins.By Federal law, daylight saving time changes are scheduled for the second Sunday in March (March 13, 2016) and the first Sunday in November (November 6, 2016).  The guideline is to "spring ahead" in March and "fall back" in November when it comes to time change.

The official time change happens this Sunday, March 13th, 2 a.m.; therefore, we'll need to set our clocks one (1) hour FORWARD this weekend. 

ALSO, this would be a good time to replace batteries in your home smoke detectors!

Future Schedule:

   Daylight Saving Begins  Daylight Saving Ends
2016  Mar 13  Nov. 6
2017  March 12  Nov. 5
 2018  March 11  Nov. 4
 2019  March 10  Nov. 3

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