About the Antelope Club

The Antelope Club is a membership organization supported by receipts of the membership. The purpose of the club is to protect and preserve wildlife, protect and preserve lakes and streams, promote juvenile athletics, and promote fellowship among members. Make no mistake, this is NOT a swanky, high-class type of place; it is definitely old school cool, though, and brimming with character and history (and an actual Antelope in the entryway). We are located on North Delaware Street, just steps from the Downtown Cultural Trail. Parking is plentiful and free, and it's convenient to venues like the Murat Theatre! Several bus lines have stops within a block of the Club and Uber is here so often that they need to set up a terminal. Bonus: Because we are a private club, you can smoke (cigarettes and cigars) INSIDE in our well-ventilated facility. 


The Antelope Club was founded in I953 by some of Indianapolis’ finest citizens. Before having a “home”, they would meet at various establishments around Downtown Indianapolis. The current Club facility was built as a private residence in I898, and remained so until I947 when it became an insurance agency. Following extensive renovations, the Club moved into the building in I964. For more than 60 years, the Antelope Club has provided a "home on your way  home" to Governors, Mayors, Sheriffs and countless other ne'er-do-wells. The Club continues to honor its founding fathers by upholding the ideals and traditions they so graciously established, all while having fun doing it! Interested in more Antelope Club history?  Be sure to check out the colorful, first-hand history written by esteemed founder Alex M. Clark (1916-1991), who served as the youngest mayor of Indianapolis beginning in 1951.

Meet the Club's 2016 Board of Directors!

Below:  Post card featuring the Antelope Club, circa 1964. The back reads, "A private club where fun and fellowship prevail among real men."

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